When you come to Century City Panic Attack Center of Los Angeles,  the type of therapy you will receive will be primarily based on cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and educational principles.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a form of therapy which utilizes the thought processes of the individual in a particular way, which then impacts the emotional response.  The goal of therapy is to transform any negative, or dysfunctional, thought patterns into more positive, and happier thought patterns.

It’s similar to the old “glass half empty, or glass half full” idea.  Do you think that a person who sees the glass “half full” would tend to be a happier person than one who sees the glass “half empty?”

Positive or negative emotions can occur as a result of a person’s silent thoughts.  If a sentence in your head is negative, or scary — then depression, or anxiety, or panic will follow.  However, if that “thought sentence” can be changed to a more positive sentence — then, very naturally, more positive emotions will follow.  CBT employs a variety of techniques to help a client transform those habitual, negative, automatic thoughts.

Humanistic psychology creates a form of therapy which views the individual in a very positive light.  The person is not seen as a “sick” person, or “pathological”, but rather as a person who is having some difficulties, and has yet not been able to fulfill his, or her, own unique potential as a human being.

Therapy consists of looking at the client in totality;  viewing this person’s life from all sides.  It is a holistic approach — body, mind, and spiritual.  We look for what is out of balance in the client’s life, or what is unknowingly being ignored.   Does the client feel  fulfilled?  What aspect is missing?  Is there enough meaning in this client’s life?   Are there areas which can be explored?  What are this client’s real needs, and desires?

An educational approach is simply that:   educational.  Century City Panic Attack Center takes the time to teach our clients about panic, or anxiety.  You will never be kept in the dark about concepts, or techniques.   We will give you a true understanding of how the mind works, the actual causes of panic or anxiety, and how people heal from these conditions.  Any of your questions will be answered.  Therapy will not be a mystery.   Through education, your recovery will make perfect sense.