It is important to differentiate between the panic caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and classic Panic Disorder.  In both cases, the client may experience panic attacks — yet the root cause, and the treatment for the condition, will vary.

Post Traumatic Stress occurs following an intense emotional trauma.  When one mentions PTSD, we often think of veterans of  war.  But PTSD can occur as a result of a variety of situations:  accidents, hospitalization, witnessing violence or death, even relationship break-ups or divorce.  At Century City Panic Attack Center, we have a more general view of PTSD… for we know that human beings are sensitive creatures who can be easily adversely affected by extreme negative life occurrences.

Classic Panic Disorder does not necessarily follow a specific, extreme emotional stressor.  This condition seems to occur suddenly, out of the blue.  Nevertheless, there are specific triggers, stressors and root causes.  Triggers may be “internal”, such as certain “thought sentences” which you generate.  Or they may be “external”, such as a conversation, a song, something you read, a scene in a movie, or a particular location.

In your first psychotherapy session, you will be educated as to the “bottom line” on panic.   If you have classic Panic Disorder — deep down, you are experiencing a feeling of being emotionally alone.  We will show you the two primary reasons for this subjective experience, and will discuss the methods and paths to recovery.