People are very, very frightened of having panic attacks– and yet, a panic attack is just your body’s way of telling you that something needs to be addressed.   As you undergo therapy, believe it or not, you will begin to realize that a panic attack can actually be your friend;  your body is letting you know that something in your world (not in your body!) is amiss.   So even when you are not consciously aware of certain issues, your body is smart enough to sound the warning for you to take notice.

Let me give you examples:  When you are hungry, your body tells you that you are in need of food.  Maybe you have a sensation in your stomach:  you know that you feel hungry.   You supply food, and the sensation disappears.  When you are feeling too cold, your skin feels cold or gets goosebumps;  you put on a jacket, and the bodily symptoms disappear.   When you are too warm, you begin to sweat, or your skin gets hot and dry, or maybe you feel a little light-headed.  You walk into an air conditioned room, and then feel fine.

In all these cases, your body tells you that you need to take action.  When you do, your body calms down and no longer gives you any unpleasant physiological signals.

Panic attacks are similar, in that your body is telling you that there is some form of emotional “danger” and you need to take action to keep yourself  emotionally “safe.”  Your body develops a “fight-or-flight” response, to inform you that in some way you are feeling trapped and must make a move to “untrap” yourself.

We will examine your relationships, your employment or any other situation which may be uncomfortable.  You will begin to understand what is “trapping” you, and we will explore what steps to take in order for you to feel emotionally safe.

At Century City Panic Attack Center of Los Angeles, we will show you exactly how this can be accomplished.