Do you often feel hurt by things your mate does?

Do you often feel angry at your mate?

Does you find that you get depressed because of issues in your relationship?

Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your mate?

Do you experience your relationship as emotionally distant?

If so, your condition is likely to greatly improve if you and your mate participate in couples therapy.  A client may come into the office with panic attacks or a state of generalized anxiety, not understanding the source of the distress.  Often, it becomes clear that a huge source of the anxiety is due to feelings of “aloneness” in that person’s relationships with significant others.  The client may feel chronically hurt by a behavior, or “non-behavior,” of the spouse.  In this case, individual therapy quickly moves into couples work, in order to bring the two individuals closer.  It is vitally important to clear out any troubling issues between the couple.   If a client regularly experiences feelings of hurt or anger toward a mate, and feels powerless to change the situation, this chronic pain can transform itself into a chronic state of anxiety.   At Century City Panic Attack Center, our goal is to create more connection between loving individuals, and a deeper emotional bond.